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Investigator Biography - Rodney Vahoviak


Rodney Vahoviak recently retired from the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office as a Senior Investigator. His 24 years of law enforcement experience have given him the diversified and specialized training many law enforcement agencies cannot provide.


Mr. Vahoviak has gained the experience of working, or having been involved in almost every aspect of investigations, including homicide, gang crimes, child abduction, officer involved shootings, robbery, sexual assault, victim/witness protection and re-location, fraud and environmental crimes.


His education and training experience is extensive. He obtained an Associates of Arts degree from Glendale Community College in Social Science, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Administration of Criminal Justice from California State University Los Angeles.


He was advised by the California Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) that his training credentials rank in the top 5% of all law enforcement officers in the state of California. The following are a brief listing of P.O.S.T. training obtained by Mr. Vahoviak:


  • Specialized training by P.O.S.T. which is considered the gold standards are the courses completed through the Robert Presley Institute.
  • If selected, the program requires that you complete their mandatory 80-hour core criminal investigations course.
  • Upon completing the core course, the Institute requires that you complete an additional 240 hours of specialized training in each specialized category in order to obtain certification in that particular specialty.


Mr. Vahoviak has completed the 240 required hours of specialized training necessary in the fields of homicide, robbery, sexual assault, child abuse, financial crimes/fraud, computer crimes and auto theft.


Additionally, he attends the 128 hour Rio Hondo Police Academy update courses to continually stay updated on any legal changes including search and seizure, and rules of evidence.


He has attended a 400-hour Polygraph Training Academy and is a graduate of the Marston Polygraph Academy. He is a member of the American Polygraph Association and National Polygraph Association.


Mr. Vahoviak is well versed in the field of interview and interrogation. His accomplishments include certification from The Behavior Analysis Training Institute’s Interview and Interrogation course, The Los Angeles County Sheriff Department’s Analytical Interviewing, The Riverside County Sheriff Department’s Advanced Interview and Interrogation, The Behavior analysis Training Institute's Cognitive Interviewing and Statement Analysis, The Interview and Interrogation Institute’s Advanced Interview and Interrogation course, The Fresno Administration of Justice Center's Advanced Interview and Interrogation Techniques, and The Orange County Sheriff Department's Interviewing Sexual Deviants.


He has been certified in crime scene investigation and identification by the Rio Hondo Police Academy after completing their 202 hour course requirements.


Rodney Vahoviak is presently the District Governor for "C.A.L.I.", California Association of Licensed Investigators, the largest Private Investigative Association in the World.


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