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Investigator Biography - Dan De Bellis


Dan De Bellis recently retired, after 26 years of service, as a Detective Supervisor with the Los Angeles Police Department.  During his tenure with the Los Angeles Police Department, he worked a variety of patrol, detective, and specialized assignments that enabled him to develop and enhance his extensive investigative knowledge, skills and techniques.


As a Detective Supervisor assigned to a highly specialized unit that answers directly to the Board of Police Commissioners, Dan was tasked with investigating complaints and allegations of misconduct, improprieties and illegal activities made against political City Officials attempting to influence contracts awarded to private enterprise doing business with the Police Department and other City agencies. In a supervisory role, he had to insure that the detectives who worked for him conducted these sensitive investigations in a manner that was above reproach, as they could be subject to much scrutiny.  Another responsibility in this assignment was to investigate complaints against businesses that were inherent to criminal activity because of the very nature of their business.  These investigations often involved the fencing of stolen items in pawnshops, prostitution and narcotic activity in massage parlors, and stolen vehicle rings at towing operations. These types of investigations usually require an undercover operation involving surveillance and the use of informants.  Mr. De Bellis was highly successful in this assignment infiltrating these businesses as an undercover operative to identify any criminal activity. 


As an undercover vice investigator, Dan developed expertise in gaming and bookmaking activities and was court qualified as an expert.  Bookmaking investigations also require many hours of fixed and mobile surveillance and this is an area where he has gained extensive experience.


As a detective working Crimes Against Persons, Burglary, and Robbery details, Mr. De Bellis investigated cases from beginning to end. He utilized his skills and experience by developing leads, locating evidence, and interviewing victims and witnesses in preparing a case to be filed with the District or City Attorney.  Dan was also assigned to work on cases involving juvenile offenders and victims, including child abuse, child abductions, and missing children.  Criminal activities involving young offenders, victims, and witnesses, often require a different approach to the investigation, utilizing special skills and techniques. Investigating these cases afforded him a unique experience with juvenile related matters. Mr. De Bellis received numerous commendations from his supervisors in these assignments praising his skills, prowess, work ethic, and attention to detail.


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